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Model#: PWS-800-88K-WHT shown.

ProWorkstations excels in CUSTOM designs and gives great attention to form and function of the complete workstation. Our slide-out piano keyboard shelf is unique in the industry and is designed by a piano/keyboard artist. We can CUSTOM design your Composing Workstation to fit your work flow, your specific equipment, your room space, and your knee clearance. And depending on the knee clearance the position of your piano keys will be at piano height of an acoustic piano or very close to it. All workstations can also include upper and/or lower equipment cabinets to help organize your space.  

Our Composing Workstations are the perfect composing desk for you now and the future. Clean design and a sturdy piano keyboard shelf with a cut-out at the front for maximum knee clearance will keep you comfortable and productive while working. Proper ergonomic design is necessary to ensure the "fit" between the user, the equipment, and their environments. Overall this streamlined design helps create the best organized workstation and ensures your needs are optimally met. 

ProWorkstations Studio Furniture knows what "piano height" means and how to achieve that in a fully functional composing workstation! Order yours now and start enjoying how you work.
Model#: PWS-400-49K-CST, PWS-600-61K-CST, and PWS-800-88K-CST. ORDER NOW!

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