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ProWorkstations Speaker Stands design is time-tested, highly functional and great looking!


Our Speaker Stands are designed to achieve the appropriate listening height for every unique environment and blend into your studio space. 


The top platform provides ample space for most nearfield reference monitors, while the bottom base provides the ideal structural support and keeps to a minimal footprint. 


The standard heavy duty rubber composite feet raise the stands just enough to clear annoying cables running across the studio floor.


The standard speaker stand order includes rear cable grommets to keep your studio more organized. If a customer intends to fill the stands with play sand, then the stands are ordered without the cable grommets. Speaker stands can be ordered in singles, pairs, or sets.




Standard speaker stand height is 36"H, 42", and 48".


Standard top platforms are 12" x 12". 

Standard bottom bases are 14" x 14".  

Load Capacity: 60 lbs.

48"H Speaker Stands shown.




PWS-100-36-BLK (36"H speaker stands)


PWS-100-42-BLK (42"H speaker stands)


PWS-100-48-BLK (48"H speaker stands)


Sometimes you need large speaker stands for your large studio monitors. These heavy duty speaker stands can be custom sized as needed. The standard height is 40", which will clear most large mixing consoles. The top platform is 15" x 18" and the bases are 18" x 21". The vertical support is a large 8" x 10". These stands can be positioned left to right or front to back as needed.

Load Capacity: Over 80 lbs.

Item#: PWS-100-40B-BLK

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