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ProWorkstations Studio Furniture manufactures CUSTOM high quality modular studio furniture with an emphasis on Composing Workstations and Edit workstations. We also manufacture CUSTOM Equipment Cabinets and Speaker Stands. Our furniture is made with sturdy high quality wood materials intended for use in all creative environments. 

Our slide-out keyboard shelf is unique in the industry and is designed by a piano/keyboard artist using the latest state-of-the art recording technology. If only editing is needed, the workstations can be easily scaled down by eliminating the keyboard shelf.

Proper ergonomic design is necessary to ensure the "fit" between the user, the equipment and their environments. For example, great care is given to ensure easy access to essential equipment along with a comfortable lower keyboard shelf and/or a computer keyboard shelf.


Experience in designing and manufacturing standard and custom studio furniture ensures the highest functionality, quality, and durability of the end product. Continuous improvements and, most importantly, interaction with our customers guide our future designs to best satisfy customer needs and optimally incorporate proven/low risk technology advances.


ProWorkstations really knows your Studio Furniture needs! 


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